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Holistic, Heart-Centered Counseling & Therapies


What Are the Benefits?

Far beyond typical self-help programs or personal development workshops, PTI is a uniquely life-altering and lasting approach to optimizing inner peace, happiness, relationships and prosperity. Personal Transformation Intensive is a process for clearing anything that stands between you, your goals and highly joyful living.

The program addresses lifelong wellness from a comprehensive mind-body-spirit perspective. PTI uses proven, holistic healing methods for profound enlightenment and personal growth. These methods include Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, Breathwork and the Mastermind process.

During PTI, you can access early-life experiences that have resulted in negative, unconscious conclusions. When you're aware of how these conclusions have held you back, you can release and heal limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and become free to create the life you were meant to live

PTI may be right for you if you're seeking a more satisfying and enriched life filled with meaning, possibilities, unconditional love and enduring, high-quality relationships. Attendees believe or have an interest in exploring integrated healing modalities to take their growth to new levels.

Personal Transformation Intensive is a highly effective, experiential complement to individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, spiritual counseling, life and executive coaching, and career training and development.

The program supports all religious values, and while many participants look to a higher universal power or God, some don’t, and others are still discovering their spiritual path.  



What if there was a way to overcome your blocks to fulfillment? What if you could achieve results that last a lifetime? What would life look and feel like if you lived at your full potential? 

Personal Transformation Intensive equips you with the skills to:

  • Clear unconscious thoughts inhibiting happiness and success
  • Recognize and heal unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Overcome addictive thoughts and behaviors
  • Reduce stress, and improve your well-being
  • Identify the highest purpose of your soul and life
  • Achieve greater professional success
  • Increase abundance and financial prosperity 
  • Deepen the awareness of your spiritual life  

Is It Right for Me?


What Is It?