I share these materials and media from my personal collection to provide resources and inspiration ​for your path to personal growth. I hope you find them helpful!


Well-regarded counseling and wellness groups and associations. See Organizations > 

Educational materials for greater mind-body-spirit awareness and healing. 
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Engaging presentations that inform, motivate and hopefully make you smile, too. View Videos >

Therapeutic tunes for upliftment, relaxation, meditation or even dancing. Hear Music > 


Profound words for peaceful, enlightened living. Get Inspirations >

​​Client Forms
For the convenience of new clients, the following forms can be downloaded, printed and completed before our first appointment. ArborGate Associates, Inc. is the private counseling practice with which I'm affiliated in Westlake, Ohio.

Counseling Agreement

Outpatient Services Contract

Client Confidential Information

​Patient Record of Disclosures

Cancellation Policy

​​Credit Card Guarantee


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