Over the years, I've consumed and shared a lot of information on topics of interest to my clients and I. Here, I've sorted my favorite books by category and listed titles that offer advice on healing, improving your relationships, increasing joy and prosperity, understanding behavior and exploring the spiritual realm. I've provided links to the books on Amazon so you can learn more about their content and authors. Enjoy the reading!


Achieve a stronger, longer-lasting relationship with greater intimacy. See book list >

Personal Growth

Break free from co-dependency, victimization and unproductive habits. See book list >


Create a more effective, loving connection with your children. See book list > 

Spiritual Growth

Discover and develop your spiritual principles and path. See book list >

Personality Types
​Learn what makes us who we are and why we behave the way we do. See book list >

Financial Growth

Find mindful ways to increase your blessings and abundance. See book list >​​


Recommended Reading

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