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Holistic, Heart-Centered Counseling & Therapies

Here's some feedback I've received from clients that provides a little more insight into the type of healing work I love to do. In order to maintain confidentiality, everyone is referenced by their initials. 

"Koren is not your stereotypical counselor! If you feel out of tune, and want to be in tune, she is truly a natural! Koren has helped me connect with what I have not been connected with. Before I started counseling, I had anxiety on top of anxiety. I even had anxiety that counseling was not going to work for me (I could not have been more wrong! )-I had 25 years of anxiety! Koren & I did hypnotherapy, where I felt that she was reading my mind, she is a natural with being in tune with your emotions. I could not believe the relief I had after my first session with her. She has a unique ability that allows you to put all trust in her and never feel embarrassed. She has brought relief, happiness and ease to my life. She has the deepest compassion for what I am going through during our sessions. I swear she was put on this Earth to do this job!" -- A.C.

"Koren is one-of-a-kind incredible as an extremely gifted holistic healer and extraordinary human being. So intuitive, sensitive, authentic, compassionate, supportive, intelligent and self-aware… what I’ve learned from and through her has changed my relationships and my life. God placed her in my path when I wasn’t even seeking grief counseling, but the energetic draw was so compelling that I felt called to follow where it continues to lead – by far, the best decision I’ve ever made for the growth of my heart and soul. What I’ve gained from Koren and the Personal Transformation Intensive program is the knowledge that, no matter how put together or healed we may feel, true emotional wholeness is an ongoing pursuit for even the most evolved that leads to greater and greater levels of love, joy and upliftment the deeper you go into Spirit and into the work. Drive to her from wherever you are. Trust me – it will be so worth it." -- N.A.

"In the most profound way, working with Koren has changed my life. She has taught me how to love and accept myself exactly the way I am, remain in tune with greater trust, confidence, and spiritual warmth, which in turn has shown me how to love and accept those around me with greater depth and groundedness. I believe this is the most powerful gift one can receive in a single lifetime. Koren guides me with immense care, grace, and compassion, and the change is absolutely tangible. I am a completely different person than I was a year and a half ago, and am so grateful for my work with her." -- R.H.

"Koren provided us personalized pre-marital counseling & officiated our wedding in May 2017, and we simply could not have been happier with our experience. She has an incredibly calming presence and had us at ease in a way I don't feel anyone else could have. Her approach throughout was the perfect balance of professionalism and genuine personal care... It really was something beyond words. We honestly can't recommend Koren enough - she is the one we were looking for - for so many reasons!" -- A.G.



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