Holistic, Heart-Centered Counseling & Therapies

What Are the Benefits?

​​I use holistic therapies to help partners gain a deeper appreciation of themselves and each other. My approach is different from other couples therapists in that I help both individuals access unconscious thoughts and decisions that may be blocking their ability to be connected and happy in their relationship. As two people witness and support each other through every aspect of this healing, greater understanding and compassion can develop in the relationship.

Most couples who seek relationship counseling are looking to rebuild harmony, connectivity and love. Others may be contemplating separation for a variety of reasons. My role is to help heal both partners and to guide each couple to making that decision together from a healthy place.

I think our partners are our greatest gift… unconsciously chosen to teach us what we are meant to learn about ourselves. When we look within and embrace the emotions that our partners bring to the surface, we have the opportunity to reach new conclusions and respond in healthier ways.

Couples who want to reduce conflict, resentment and communication breakdowns, and regain mutual respect, may benefit from couples therapy. Research shows that lack of adequate repair following an argument is the biggest contributor to marital unhappiness and divorce. Exploring reconciliation after infidelity is another common reason to seek counseling.

I believe that when partners support each other’s healing, they can become stronger as a couple. Working together in love without focusing on who’s right or wrong can be deeply transformative and greatly enhance their understanding, connection and level of intimacy.

It can be difficult to see our relationships and ourselves objectively. Relationship counseling allows both people to understand how they contribute to their challenges and how to overcome what blocks them from love. Counseling is successful when partners feel healed and can communicate in kindness and with appreciation for each other, whether they choose to move on together or apart.

What Is It?

Also commonly known as marriage counseling, couples counseling isn’t reserved exclusively for married people. Two individuals in any stage of a dedicated relationship can desire to improve their connectivity to and contentment with each other.

Couples counseling can transform a relationship through recognition of individual areas for growth, improved communication and greater emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy. The goal is to honor each other’s differences and needs, and to moderate repeating patterns of stress on the relationship.

It is a shared experience that can be very powerful and lead to increased self-awareness and opportunities for both individuals to realize and reach their full potential. As partners begin to accept ownership for their actions and reactions, the relationship and both people in it can be lifted up and healed, even if they ultimately decide on a healthy separation.


Is It Right for Us?

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