What Are the Benefits?

Is It Right for Me?

Understandably, some clients are initially skeptical about the Emotional Freedom Technique and the idea that electromagnetic energy flows through the body. It can be difficult to understand how tapping on the head, chest and other body parts can possibly help manage emotional and physical conditions.

There’s an abundance of research to validate the logic and efficacy of blending acupuncture concepts with mind-body medicine. Prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Harvard and many other universities, clinics and hospitals study and recommend EFT and related 
energy therapies.

I feel EFT is right for you if you’re willing to experiment with it as either a complement to or replacement for more customary healing practices. It could be your most powerful path for releasing negative emotions and associated physical symptoms.

For clients open to it, I use EFT in combination with other approaches such as psychotherapy and heart-centered hypnotherapy to help them overcome traumatic events, addictions, disorders, chronic pain, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and other disruptive or unresolved issues.

The Emotional Freedom Technique can work when nothing else will and is also effective for goal-setting, and envisioning and actualizing success. During my 15-year career as a therapist, I’ve increasingly employed EFT as greater numbers of clients are responding to it with notable results.

Like other forms of Eastern healing, tapping is earning more and more credibility among conventional and holistic counselors alike. It’s easy and fast to administer, and noninvasive, so my feeling is that it’s well worth the try for willing clients. I’ve been successfully using EFT for my personal and professional development for years.

What Is It?


The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is a psychological form of acupressure based on the energy meridians used in acupuncture to treat physical and emotional issues. The goal is to approach your body’s health and natural healing potential as a whole.

EFT involves simply tapping five to seven times with your fingertips on each of 14 targeted body points while you focus on a specific negative condition and simultaneously voice affirmations. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a guided and safe method of alternative medicine that can be easily learned for individual use at home, too. A single tapping exercise usually takes about five minutes, and a complete session may entail multiple rounds of tapping

​Often the benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique can be realized in a matter of minutes… clearing emotional blocks from your body's bioenergy system and restoring mind-body balance.

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