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"Up until now, nothing else had really stuck. It may have worked for a while, but there was never a true shift I could feel. I really had no idea of the profound journey I was about to begin.

The first feelings I remember were subtle, tightly controlled feelings of anxiety and fear of the unknown mixed with desperation. I hated the thought of being vulnerable in front of other people. Knowing I was going to be invited to go through a very personal process in an open way made me feel anxious and afraid!!! And, I’m used to avoiding that feeling by walking away, leaving, choosing not to participate, eating, or sitting on the sidelines, sulking, and then later wondering why everyone else around me moves on with their happy lives while I seem to be stuck in the heavy darkness.

Enter our Guides – Koren and Ivan! They were the brave souls “going first!” It helped so much to have grown up, adult models. Someone whose been where I’ve been in the healing process, has felt what I’ve felt, has “walked through the fire” and made it to the other side. They appeared calm, unwavering, strong, and, so full of compassion. They offered unconditional acceptance, powerful support and enthusiastic encouragement. And most importantly, acknowledged the massive courage it takes to face your demons and choose to come out of the dark.

It’s true what they say – there is safety in numbers! As the weekends passed, the bonds of our group grew stronger. In a group setting, where everyone is engaging in the process of healing, we all come to learn that there are others who feel the same way – maybe for different reasons but the underlying feelings are essentially the same. Week by week we’d face our fears. Little by little we learned to feel our feelings and let them come “up and out.” We slowly learned how to manage our triggers and ask for support. I also learned to offer my support from a place of compassion. We learned together that there are other people who will do whatever it takes to heal. And when we heal ourselves, we’re healing the group, too. When you’re so deeply connected energetically, the healing seeps into everyone. We began to trust that there are those who will walk with us through this difficult process and stay present until we are through to the other side. And if while I was doing my inner work, fear overcame me, there were two grounded grownups standing by, skillfully and lovingly guiding me to finally learn how to show up for myself!           

The PTI brochure promises a life changing experience. Well, the weekends do more than that. Looking back, when I came to this process I wasn’t’ just broken, I was shattered. Piece by piece I’ve learned to put my Soul back together. The impact has been profound – not just on my life but on everyone with whom I come in contact. There aren’t enough words to express the profound gratitude I have in my heart for Koren and Ivan and the group of lovely people I now refer to as my soul family. My heart is full and even though I continue to work through my layers of triggers and challenges – I have new tools and amazing support now. Life just keeps getting better!"